Materials System Research Laboratory



Materials System Research Laboratory was established as one of the laboratories of Kanazawa Institute of Technology on December 26 th in 1981. The objectives of this laboratory are as follows:

Materials System Design

Optimization of materials system treating material, process and structure in the same trend with the coordination of technology.

Man Materials System

System engineered approach integrating all components of global environment such as natural environment, social environment, resources and economic ambience.

Development of Materials

Development of materials for wide range of application for space, aeronautics, electric devices and others.


Publication of journal titled "MATERIALS SYSTEM"

"MATERIALS SYSTEM" is issued to provide the opportunity for presentation of resolution for concrete technological issue. Methodological exploration into optimization of materials system is sought in this journal. Volume 1 was issued in June of 1982. "MATERIALS SYSTEM" has been issued once a year. Technical Reports and Data Base for Office of Naval Research Project titled "Long-Term Durability and Damage Tolerance of Innovative Marine Composites" reprinted from "Materials System Volume 25, 2007 are attached here .

Organizing International Workshops

The first Composites Durability Workshop (CDW-1) was held at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) in 1998. CDW-3 and 5 were held at KIT Office in Tokyo in 2000 and 2002, respectively. CDW-15 were held at KIT in October, 2010. CDW-20 was held in Stanford University, Stanford California USA on July 7 ~ 9, 2015.