About us

Applied Electronics Laboratory (AEL) was established in 1998 for dedicating to the development of cutting-edge technologies in science.

The area of research and development at AEL is expanding to all directions of electronics and information technology for promoting advanced scientific activities.

The technologies developed at AEL are not only being studied for academic applications but also has been, are, and will be transferred to the industrial community.

Our Area of research:

Applications of Our Technology:

Reserch Staff

Hisashi Kado (Director of AEL)
Hisanao Ogata
Gen Uehara
Yasuhiro Haruta
Masanori Higuchi
Jun Kawai
Masahiro Shimogawara
Yoshiaki Adachi
Masakazu Miyamoto

Junnichi Oohama
Tomokazu Matsumoto

Ryoji Suzuki (Scientific Adviser, Prof. & Director of Human Information System Lab., KIT)


3 Amaike, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 921-1331, JAPAN

Quick views on the Activities of AEL

Device fabrication lab.


Vertical type MEG system

3D Visualization

MEG Data Analysis


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